Thursday, January 31, 2013

GTA no-gi comp

The GTA comp is on next weekend. I'd been undecided whether I should be going. Entries are due tonight, but I've decided to give it a miss. Aside from not having my head in that space at the moment, I also hurt a rib in training recently. While that's come good now, I've had to take it easy and my rolling has been guided by protecting that spot. My cardio is ho-hum, too.

So that's why I decided not to go.

The GTA is a great comp, run by a bunch of really nice people. I feel a bit bad about not supporting it, but I heard they are getting plenty of entries, including a good number of women. So I hope they will all  have a great time and I will be there in spirit, while I partake in a regular BJJ class on Saturday morning.