Friday, March 22, 2013

AGIG camp tomorrow!!

Yay! It starts tomorrow!! The Australian Girls in Gi Camp III. If the previous two camps are anything to go by, then this one will be a ripper. It's a different format again, and it sounds awesome. Jess and her helpers have been busy!

I'm so in need of a break and I'm so looking forward to catching up with friends and meet the new ladies who are venturing into BJJ. Packing my bag tonight will be a pleasure.

The Age ran an article last week about AGIG and the camp. This article was also published by one of the Sydney newspapers. Great to see that BJJ and specifically the ladies are getting exposure in the mainstream media.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


AGIG Camp III will be run at Dominance MMA in Melbourne on March 23 &24.

I'm going! The last two camps were awesome, and this one is bound to be the same. Jess Fraser and her crew of helpers do a terrific job. I can't wait to meet all the ladies again, and to benefit from the program Jess has put together for us.

I hear that a few spots are left, so if you are sitting on the fence, go and book in!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

you have the right to be strong

A friend pointed me at this great post about women and training titled: A Lion in Iron: Women—Be More, Not Less (by Alexander Cortes).

While the post is written from a weightlifting/strength training perspective, it offers great advice and could equally apply to martial arts.

My favourite quote from the post:
"For women, though, it’s the opposite. Their whole perspective is based around what they want to get rid of. They want their bodies to be less than what they currently are, not more. The whole female side of the fitness industry has historically been built upon “getting rid” of everything about their bodies that makes them unhappy, which is generally everything.

This has to fucking STOP. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of women thinking they are supposed to be weak. I don’t know who taught them this. I don’t know if it was their mothers, the media, and/or their friends. I don’t know how this started or who started it, but I do know that it needs to end. Whatever it was, whoever it was, it needs to be killed. You are not supposed to be weak. You have the right to be strong."

Yeah. Too right.