Monday, August 17, 2009

gi pants

Every pair of traditional gi pants I own came with a drawstring made from pants material. That works ok the first couple of times, but then after a few wears and washes, the things twist.

I was soon fed up with the acrobatics and strength required to pull the strings tight. Having read that some gi pants come with cords, I bought some cord. I bought mine at the markets, because I happened to see some there, but any store selling sewing and craft stuff should have it. The stuff I bought is just the right thickness and it's soft so it doesn't cut into me if the slits at the sides of the pant top gape open during rolling.

I've replaced the material with cotton cord in all my gi pants now. To do that is very easy. Tie a knot in the end of the existing string to attach the cotton cord. Then slowly pull the cord through the pants (once along the front and twice along the back). Tie cord ends off. Wonderful.

The photo shows the simple figure eight knot I use to attach the new cord to the existing string before I pull it through.

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