Saturday, September 26, 2009

back again

I've had the flu. No training for 10 days!! Waaah.

It's bad enough to be feeling horrible. But it's worse not being able to go to classes. But it's pointless to go back too early, before I'm recovered. The last thing I want is to get sick again. And it wouldn't be very public spirited to share the nasties with my training partners. So I was patient and stayed at home and just kept up my stretching. Yeah, ok, I admit it, I also practiced my katas and did a bit of sinawali ;-)

But yesterday I had my first training session since I was sick and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a PFS class with a bit of stand up, a bit of grappling and some takedowns. I was still a little bit short of breath, but it didn't hold me back. And it was SO GOOD to be doing something again.

Tonight, I went to BJJ. Lots and lots of rolling. And despite the fact that I was a bit short of breath again on a couple of occasions, I held up well and actually felt better as the class wore on. My escapes were happening. I had good starts as well so I made it to some good positions and had a chance to try for some subs. I stayed behind after class for some more rolling which I felt fit enough for. Had several more good rolls and as usual, picked up some good stuff. We have such a good mob, with the senior guys always taking time to explain moves and help you.

Came home on a real high :-)

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