Sunday, January 30, 2011

wouldn't it be nice...

...if there was a place on the web where people can look up accurate gi sizes?

Something like a table or spreadsheet where for every gi brand, every model and every size on offer, there are jacket and pants measurements? Maybe a google spreadsheet or some such thing...? Preferably it would have before and after shrinking measurements. Something like the way Seymour does in his reviews, for example see the RDA gi review. If the gi manufacturers were so kind, they could provide this information. Otherwise, it could be added by people who buy gis. Eventually, it could end up being quite a complete collection of sizing info.

I'd also love to see a collection of links to all gi reviews made for every gi type. Again, to help people decide on what they require. 

It would make gi buying so much easier! 

It bugs me that there is such a vast difference in sizing. Every new gi purchase is a guessing game. I have bought A3s that fit, A3s that were too big, A2s that fit, A2s that were too small and A2s with sleeves too long and pant legs too short :-(

If the makers can't decide on a sizing standard, then at least it would be a very good start to have a central place where all the measurements are kept.

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  1. Heh - sounds like another tab I could add to the spreadsheet, though that would be a big job. One for the future, I guess. ;)

    If someone else wants to do it, to start you off: main gi reviews I check are Meerkatsu, and the most comprehensive is probably Joker's reviews. Mine are here. For women, there is Elyse's site, and Meg does them regularly.