Tuesday, July 26, 2011

another favourite brekkie

This doesn't look as cool as the purple porridge, but it's another one of my favourites.

Semolina. Yeah, I know that's no longer fashionable. But who cares.

Add semolina to boiling milk. Stir while doing this to avoid lumps, until it goes thick. Turn off the heat. Add more milk if needed and sugar (or honey to taste) and a pinch of salt if you want. And now the best bit: add a whole egg. Make sure you stir it in right away, unless you want chunky white and yellow bits in your semolina! I use a whisk to stir the semolina and the same whisk makes sure the egg is well mixed in, too.

I love the taste of semolina, so I often eat it just like it is. But you can improve on it with canned apricots, peaches, mandarins or mangoes. As a kid, I used to always have a bowl of semolina with an upturned tinned peach, to make it look like a fried egg :-) Of course, you can always team a bowl of warm semolina with banana or fresh berries or stonefruit. In the picture, I've added tinned mangoes and some juice.


  1. My wife and I looooove Semolina!! It's a popular grain back home in Sweden (minus the egg).

    If I do add the egg, I also add raisins and put it into a loaf tin and bake it into a pudding :)

    Once, I even put a few chocolate pralins. When you cut thru, they were oozing...mmmm....evil!

  2. When I grew up in Germany, my grandmother used to make thick semolina (with egg in it) and let it set in a tin. After cooling, she would cut it into slices and fry it in a bit of butter. We would eat it with cinnamon and sugar. Too good :-)

    Your semonlina pudding sounds pretty good. With and without chokkie bits!