Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday work-out

I live on a (small) farm, with lots of horses. After a long, wet winter, we finally had a few nice days. So instead of working out in the gym, I worked out. Outside, that is :-)

- over an hour of pushing a heavy duty mower across rough/boggy ground to mow tall woody bracken fern under fence lines
- trimmed some hooves on a semi-cooperative stallion

- rolled out some fencing wire and did sundry fence repairs
- dug some small trenches to drain water from horse yards
- hung up horse rugs to dry

and finally...
- went out riding

The sunshine is lovely My body and soul appreciate it.  I'm so glad that spring is coming!

And it was so nice to finally go riding again. We had such a long, cold, wet winter, and with work and uni I didn't have a lot of time anyway. It seemed to always rain on weekends when I did have time. But spring is on it's way, there will be long and warm evenings. Which means sitting outside on the verandah watching the sun go down or going for rides on a good horse.

It also means no more cold feet at the beginning of BJJ classes. Some of the guys have been wearing socks. But that just looks too silly ;-)


  1. Isn't it nice when your crosstraining is actually useful work that accomplishes needed tasks, as opposed to a "workout" in the gym? :) I did a bunch of heavy digging in the garden for 3 days last week, 12 hours total, and I am sore now!

    happy training :)

  2. Yes, I guess farmwork/gardenwork would come under the heading "useful" :-)

    In my pre - martial arts days, I could never understand the need for gyms and workouts, I always reckoned that a good day on the farm was exercise enough!

    Now I do understand the value of specific exercises. But I still have to say there is satisfaction in being bone tired from building fences, digging up gardens or stacking hay :-)

    Haha, city slickers probably wouldn't understand ;-)