Thursday, March 15, 2012

how I'll be spending my weekend

This is where I'll be...

Oh, and I'm starting to wear in my new Scramble gi. What a NICE piece of work. Yes, yes, I'll take it to the camp, of course.


  1. Kirsty from my gym came down from Sydney. How did it all go? Saw a couple of interesting Lycra photos.

    1. Bluebelt Kirsty? I had a round against her in the mini comp on Sunday. She won :-)

      The camp was great. Jess did a fabulous job of organising and running it. Jodie and Deon were great hosts, and all seminars were excellent. I had a great time. I just haven't had time to write about it yet, as I'm totally bogged down with Uni work until the end of the week. But a report will come!

    2. Yep, Kirsty is a blue. Glad it all went well.