Wednesday, May 9, 2012

signed up

... for the GTA comp on Sunday.

Not sure why. So often I've said: No more competitions... and:  I hate grappling comps. But then why do I keep doing it? Well, one reason is that a bunch of guys from our school are going, some for the first time. If I go along to cheer them on, I may as well compete.

But I dunno what's wrong with me. I didn't just enter the geriatric female blue belt division for a cameo appearance (it should attract one or two entries), I actually entered the open coloured belt division as well. That will have several good purple belt ladies on top of several good blue belt ladies. I'm doomed!! Haha, seemed like a good idea to enter, but I suspect it'll be a smash-fest at my expense. Still, somehow that doesn't bother me this time. If I can do better than come last in a division of better, younger women, I will be happy.

I'll tell you Sunday night if it really was a good idea ;-)

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