Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Padilla & Sons gi

I received my Padilla & Sons gold weave kimono last week. What a nice piece of gear! And what nice and prompt service from Joe.

I decided on this gi after reading several lengthy reviews about the product. All agreed that these are excellent.

My only disappointment is that after a couple of washes, it has shrunk in the sleeves and pant legs. As I'm fairly tall and slight with long arms, I now realise that I should have ordered an A3 instead of an A2. I guess after my first Judo gi, which is huge, I wanted to be sure I had something better fitting, and I went too far the other way.

It's ok to wear, but it certainly isn't competition legal, which is a shame. But it's nice to wear, I love the material. Down the track I'll replace it with an A3.

Is buying a gi always such a hit and miss affair?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Karate grading

Zenshin Karate - Graded to maroon belt (which is 5th kyu).

Really enjoyed the grading. It was great to see how much effort everyone put into their training and especially on the day of the grading. Good to see the support from everyone for those who grade as well. It makes us all feel like a worthy part of the dojo and it makes the day even more enjoyable.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Book - The Pyjama Game

Finished reading "The Pyjama Game - a journey into judo" by Mark Law.

I was interested in Judo as the mother art of BJJ and because the guy who wrote it started at the youthful age of 50. I greatly enjoyed the book, aside from history and general background about Judo, there are so many little anecdotes about famous judo players (and their ideosyncracies). But what I most enjoyed were the author's descriptions about his own encounters on the tatami mats, many were a hoot and I had tears in my eyes from laughing at times. I could certainly identify with the author at times. I loved the book.