Friday, May 31, 2013

graduation, martial arts and study

I've been training regularly and consistently and feel I'm making steady progress. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But lately, I've been flat out with my computing honours studies and I'm changing jobs, so there is a lot on my plate. Consequently, there has not been enough time to write here on in my horse blog.

I'm glad I have BJJ, as it is my release after long hourse in front of a computer, be it at work or uni. So while I've been unable to spend any leisure time on indulging in BJJ training DVDs, I still make the time to train. And although I'm a bit less intense on remembering and thinking over everything after ever BJJ class (just no time!!) and taking it more as a recreational activity, I'm still training. And that is the important thing, I think.

I completed my IT degree late last year, and I graduated in early May. The uni had a nice surprise in store for me. In addition to graduation with Distinction (which I knew), they awarded me the University medal for outstanding academic achievements. I didn't know until the graduation ceremony, so I was a bit in shock to be called back up on stage to receive the award. Since then, they have bestowed three more awards on me. I'm also doing fairly well in my honours course and I'm seriously considering a PhD course afterwards. Anyway, I'm studying because I really enjoy it, not because I'm seeking recognition. But occasionally, a pat on the back is a nice thing.

I do attribute at least part of my academic achievements to my martial arts training. I will admit that in my former life, I used to be a bit prone to taking the easy road, quitting before something was finished or generally saying "too hard", "can't do it" and many more of the same. And to be honest, I doubted my own capabilities all the time. Without question, I have better resilience, more determination, a better ability to cope with stress and more discipline than I had before I started training. I just have a much better head space. I am better organised and more efficient, so I actually feel that I achieve much more. But best of all is the fact that I'm more aware of my physical and mental limits and therefore more confident of what I can do. I guess that comes from pushing the envelope (physically and mentally) and learning and growing from the experience.