Monday, September 3, 2012

AGIG comp

I really enjoyed the AGIG comp on Saturday. Friendly atmosphere, well run by Jess Fraser and her crew of helpers, and hosted in Dave and Ting's beautiful new gym called Immersion Mixed Martial Arts.

There were three blue belts in each of the gi and no-gi division. I won and lost one fight in the gi, and won both fights in the no-gi division. I then participated in the grand absolute (sub only), where I lost to a purple belt lady.

I was very happy. I deserved to lose the two matches I lost, the ladies were simply better than I. The three matches I won, I won by sub, and I managed to make good use of back control and top positions. I also lasted well through all the matches, never feeling like my cardio let me down.

On top of all that, I caught up with people, and made some new friends. Really a fantastic day.