I'll be adding links to things I've found useful or interesting, and eventually I'll transfer the links listing from the main page to here, because I can write explanations and comments.

Blog related:
Slideyfoot's Blog List (added 18 October 10)

Slideyfoot's map of BJJ Bloggers (added 18 October 10)

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Australian stuff:
BJJ Australia - Will Machado

The Ballarat Dojo

Infinite Mixed Martial Arts
Dominance Mixed Martial Arts, Melbourne
Blackbelt Studios, Geelong
Sonia Hamilton's calendar of Australian BJJ Competitions

Grappler's Guide hosted by Jason Scully - excellent resources
Grapplearts by Stephan Kesting
BudoVideos Online - Shows

Roy Harris's Blog at On The Mat
Roy Dean Academy, Oregon, USA
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Glossary by Valerie Worthington
Inside BJJ
BJJ Weekly

Training: hosted by Ross Enamait
Grip Strength Training on

BJJ and Women:
Women in BJJ by BJJ Grrl
Tips for female grapplers by Krista Scott-Dixon at Grapplearts
Top 10 Reasons Women should train BJJ by Meg Smitley 

Gear & Equipment:
What BJJ gi should I buy? by Meerkatsu
BJJ Gi Addicts Anonymous on FB

Jiu Jitsu Forums
Sherdog - Grappling Technique
Underground Forums - Atama BJJ

InfiniteMMA Grappling Forum - Australia
European Fight Network Grappling Forum
Aesopian BJJ Advanced Grappling Forum at Bullshido