Tuesday, November 27, 2012

bruises and year end

What makes better bruises than BJJ?

Paintball. Definitely paintball!

We had our end of year/end of project (uni) paintball day on Sunday. It was a good day. I scored more hits than I received and we had a lot of fun.

Someone saw the bruises on my thigh at training yesterday and immediately recognised them as paintball damage :-)

Well, we marked the end of our year long project for uni, the end of the semester, the end of the year and in my case, the end of my uni degree. The last couple of months have been super busy, which is why I haven't posted here a lot. I even missed some training, much to my disgust. But all in all, I have still been able to able to fit in at least four sessions per week so I shouldn't complain too much.

More sitting down to study and less time on the mat or around the horses took their toll in a bit of lost cardio and a couple of added kilos. I noticed though that after the day long paintball session on Sunday and the double training session yesterday, I've already lost most of that extra weight. The cardio will improve quick enough as well. I actually felt super well after the two hard sessions last night. On the other hand, my body had a few stiff bits and general complaints this morning.

Now that that I have finished my studies, I will finally have time to work through several DVDs I bought. Some I've seen but need to review, such as Ryan Hall's Back Attacks and Deep Half Guard and Roy Dean's Brown and Purple Belt Requirements. Others I haven't even seen yet, such as Robson Moura's Fusion sets, John Will's The Great Escapes and Stephan Kesting's How to Defeat the Bigger, Stonger Opponent Series 2. Tons and tons of material...