Saturday, May 23, 2009

BJJ grading

We had another BJJ grading. I'm the proud owner of two blue stripes on the white belt now.

I had to work for this one, we all did :-) . Sensei Glenn is a hard taskmaster.

Those of us who went for their second stripe had to again demonstrate the correct first stripe drills. Then we went through basic, hooking, front and back sweeps as well as chokes. We were assessed on the cross lapel choke from mount and guard, rear naked choke, front choke from guard and half nelson choke from sidemount. The grading wasn't finished until we had wrestled for a bit, attempting positional changes and submissions in a live situation. That, of course was the best part of the grading!

My thanks to my partners on the day, and congratulations to the others who graded the same day.

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