Sunday, January 10, 2010

photos for the people :-)

I had dinner with my friends Yvonne and Greg last night. Greg took the opportunity to take some photos - silly photos of cats and yours truly are always part of the after-dinner entertainment :-).

So here is me sporting my new super-cool hair do.

Good timing indeed, as the weather was horribly hot yesterday. So absolutely no regrets. As the forecast for tomorrow hints at an even hotter day, I imagine that I will appreciate the improved cooling effect when I finally resume training tomorrow night.

Just for comparison, here is a recent photo of my long hair. At times it has been much longer than that.


  1. Yay! It looks good!

    Have you smacked yourself in the shoulder while brushing your hair yet? I did that the first week or so. :P

  2. No, there's hardly anything to brush, so I go for the towel dry and and finger-rake |-).

    But every so often I catch myself reaching for the ponytail...

    And I can no longer use the distressed "rearrange stray wisp danglig across eye" gesture. Instead I can go for the "run hand through short hair" movement in moments of stress!

    What silliness. Must be the heat...