Thursday, May 6, 2010

just training...

This is another one of those brief posts which sort of summarizes what I've been up to...

General rolling has been good fun. I'm kind of annoyed that I was tossed aside like a rag doll and then squashed by a new big white belt on a couple of occasions. But hey, that's the way it goes. Another time, different guy, I was the one dishing it out :-). I find people more my size, at my skill level and above the most fun to roll with, because I'm getting good positions more and more often. But then, the bigger guys make me work on survival and escape. And the newbies (there have been a few lately) make me work slow and considerate and I do my best to explain when necessary. Oh, and they make me aware that I've learned a little since I started :-)

We've been doing a series of chokes (arm in and out) from north south. This included setups from side control to try and trap an arm across. I've also been reading up a bit more on those lately, so I'll see how much of that I can use in my game.

I picked up some more little details on a variation of the under the leg guard pass and we went over the knee through guard pass. Funny how every time I watch a basic technique, I see something else which I missed before. Sometimes I think my head will explode! Every time I get to a level of understanding (well...), I realise that there are holes which I need to fill in. Those can be in the form of better understanding of the principles behind the technique, or tweaks to the technique itself.

I missed a class because I wasn't well. I had to take some antibiotics and boy, did that knock around my guts. I think I killed every one of those helpful and nice bacteria in my guts, to the point where my digestions was non-existant. Felt weak and lethargic, no appetite, gut grumbles, felt cold, slept badly. Not nice. After just over three days I couldn't take it any more and quit taking the tablets. I ate probiotics and took it easy and things got better fast. Two days later, I tried a BJJ class (but wisely didn't do two hours of grappling before!), and I was OK(ish). By the Thursday, I held up to an hour and a half of open mat. My main concern was being alright for the seminar on Friday.

Aside from the usual bruises and another mat burn, I managed a sprained toe. But it's on the mend.

So all in all, I've been enjoying myself inbetween getting choked and having my arms ripped off :-).

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