Sunday, December 5, 2010


We finished off the week with a grading. Not for me, hehe. Like the other two coloured belts, I was just there just to help out.

13 guys turned up and tested for stripes. It was a bit hot and it was quite humid. Those of us who had attended the seminar the night before could all feel the pain a bit.... By the time we had a few rounds of rolling at the end, I and the other seminar veterans were a bit on the tired side :-)

But it was a great session. The guys did really well. Everyone put in a solid performance and worked their butts off. A great way to finish off the week.

It was the last session for the year with our instructor who is heading off on well deserved holidays. We have another couple of weeks of classes in December before we break off for holidays. The teaching will be split between the coloured belts. And yours truly is taking Monday evening's class. By then, I my legs should be working again properly!

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