Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy new year!

Only five minutes left to go of 2011. And what a year it was!!

Lots and lots of stuff happened, both in BJJ and outside. A busy year, and a good year. Three cheers to a great year drawing to a close.

I went to three open mats since Christmas. Small affairs, but fun. I'm lucky to know some really nice people through BJJ. We share the same passion and we all couldn't wait until classes resume in early January :-)

Tomorrow, I might go to Melbourne. I heard there is an open mat going at Perkins Jiu Jitsu in Ringwood, and a few people I know are attending. So I might use the opportunity to start of the new year with some good BJJ, and catch up with my sister afterwards.

Should be great. Anyway, midnight is now, so wishing you all a fantastic 2012!!


  1. Happy new year to you too! Although it's only a bit past 4pm here, so still a little of 2011 left. :)

    I was thinking of you recently, as I got a couple of John Will's Rogue Black Belt books for xmas. Cool history, but a shame he doesn't often include specific dates.

  2. John's Rogue Black Belt books are on my to-read list. Ha, hopefully I'll have more time for reading books this year.

    I haven't seen John so much during 2011. With work and studies I couldn't make the trip to his Geelong school too often. But we had him up at Ballarat for a seminar in June, which was great.

  3. Certainly seems like an interesting chap: I haven't had a chance to train with him yet, but I know a couple of people here in the UK who are under him. Rich Green in Coventry even gets a name-check in his book. ;)

    There's another Will affiliate who is much closer to me, over in Cheltenham: I know Green regularly has Will over for seminars, so presumably he also does a seminar in Cheltenham. Has he got a seminar schedule somewhere on his website? Now that I'm working full-time again, I can finally treat myself to stuff like that. :D

  4. There is a schedule at . But it seems to only have the local seminars, and it is last year's. Maybe it would be best to ask your UK clubs for dates.

    John is a great teacher, so if you get the chance, do treat yourself :-)