Monday, July 23, 2012

Adelaide comp

I've just entered the Synergy Pro BJJ comp. It will be held next weekend in Adelaide.

I hear that a few of the girls from Melbourne are renting a mini bus to head over. Sadly, I can't join them, as I dare say it'll be an entertaining trip :-)

I have to pick up three horses from near Bordertown, so I'm taking a horse float and will be picking them up on the way home. This will be a pretty long trip. We'll be leaving Friday and returning some time Sunday. But as I'll be killing two birds with one stone, it's not too bad. To be honest, without the horse pickup job, I probably wouldn't have attended the comp. So it's all good.

I'm not feeling top of the world today, but I'm hoping that I'll be ok for next weekend. It is the season of colds and flues here, and I'd be awfully annoyed to get sick now...

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