Friday, August 20, 2010

Peruvian Necktie

The Wednesday lunchtime class consisted of yours truly and two blue belts.

We spent most of the session on learning about the peruvian necktie and the little details that make it work. We learned it step by step and did about 20 reps on each step. It's very interesting, very tight choke from turtle top. The setup is really easy, and it does not rely on arm strength at all. It works gi or no-gi. I think I might describe the details at a later stage, as we've been promised we'll work on it some more. I got it right several times in a row, and I'm sure it'll make a nice addition to my arsenal.

At the end of the class, had a couple of brief rolls with the bigger of the two blue belts. We are heading towards a competition on September 11, so I should be thinking of working on my good stuff. Somehow, I hadn't exchanged the "let's roll" easy program in my brain with the "let's roll to win" program. So I was being indecisive and pissing around with open guard. Got pulled up on that. OK. Then tackled the big fella with a bit more oomph, while the instructor pulled us up a few times to point out stuff we should (respectively) be working on. That was interesting and helpful. The funniest thing was when I hit a hip bump sweep. Came out of the blue, as I don't usually even try it on the big guys. But this one worked sweetly. Of course I held mount on the barrel chested Rugby player for about 3 seconds, before things went all wrong... Comment: cool sweep but maybe you should consider NOT going to mount!

Wednesday night was essentially just rolling for me and the senior guys. We had a huge turnout of new and newish white belts, who took up 2/3 of the mat and learned some stuff. The rest of us had the remainder of the mat and worked our stuff.

I nearly hit a necktie on one of the guys but for some reason I deliberately let it go. Ah, still using the wrong program!! I heard one of the bluebelts chuckle and say that looked familar :-). Yeah, should have gone through with it though... Anyway, I felt I had a reasonably successful evening, getting several near subs and a couple of actual ones. Triangles and chokes. I also pulled off some sweeps, though nothing as awesome as that hip bump sweep at lunchtime ;-)

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