Wednesday, August 18, 2010

sweeps - mixed allsorts

Last Friday we drilled various sweeps, including the scissor sweep, the simple hooks sweep and a butterfly sweep. I picked up a detail on the sweeping angle of the last one which might make it work for me from now on.

No class on Saturday, as I headed off to the far west of Victoria on horse related business. It was a long way by car, the weather was foul: wet, cold, windy. Totally forgettable. I am glad that I have at least one hobby now which takes place indoors! Anyway, I returned home with two new horses, so I guess it was worth the trip.

Monday we did more sweeps. For the sake of the white belt guys who will need to know for their next grading, we went over the four syllabus sweeps: scissor sweep, simple hooks sweep, forward and back sweep. I'm not a fan of the forward sweep, but I had one of the light blue belts to work with. So I actually managed to sweep him forward multiple times in a very orderly fashion, not even needing to rely on momentum. Very happy!

The rest of the class was free guard passing, to see if we could hit sweeps. Managed several, also passed guard a few times.

It was good to work on sweeps, as I'm slowly starting to hit some when we roll, but there is lots of tweaking needed to make them more reliable. And every time we drill something, I pick up some new detail.

One of the blue belts showed me a way to block the scissor sweep. It was a matter of punching an arm to the floor. For example, if his right shin is across my belly, I put my left fist to the floor between his legs. That blocks his legs. I didn't get much chance to practice this, so I'll need to clarify the details. From memory, he then put his weight on my legs and passed. But how exactly, that I need to see again.

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