Wednesday, August 25, 2010

revisit the Peruvian necktie

Today's lunchtime class was small again. We went over the necktie yet again, which was great. One of the guys had not yet seen it, for the other two of us it was the third opportunity to get some reps in. Great.

We also looked at what option we have if the opponent manages to pull his head out. If the grips are in good and the leg is on the back of his head by the time his head goes to the floor, it's unlikely he call roll out (around his own axis). But if he feels the setup and decides to try and roll before his head is completely blocked in, we need to change our approach because the choke is lost.

If he rolls more around his own axis than over my leg, and exposes his arm, I can underhook that arm and go straight for an armbar. Crucial part is to get the leg over his head to make sure he's locked in.

Other alternative is when he rolls over and ends up on my bottom leg. The best option then is to change my grips to a seatbelt grip, as he's giving up his back. He'll still be a bit on the side, so I need to force him over further so I can insert my knee on the bottom, roll him back and get my hooks in.

We drilled the getting hooks in with only a seatbelt grip in place from the back a few times. And then got in some more reps to get either the armbar or back control from the PNT setup.

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