Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Psssst !! Oh no - I've been discovered!

Today, in class someone told me he's found this blog.

Oh-oh! So now I have to be careful who I bitch and moan about ;-)

They will probably tease me about my ramblings here, like they do about my many gis. Anyway, I'm sure I'll survive. If you are one of them: be careful or I'll write about you!! Haha.

Anyway, sorry about the lack of updates. I realised it's been ten days since my last updates. Blame it on uni assignments. And of course, I haven't sat on my butt when it comes to training.There is not contest when it comes to deciding if I'll go and train or write this blog. That's a no-brainer.

As I have another couple of assigment deadlines in the next two days, I'm settling in for an all-nighter right now and I will need to defer my BJJ reports yet again.

Soon, soon!


  1. Oh my much as I think I'd be fine with one of my teammates finding my blog, if it really happened, I think I'd freak. Guess I'll just keep writing as if someone really is reading.

  2. Nothing wrong with having lots of gis. At least they stay clean and dry :)

  3. Heh - the first time someone I didn't know addressed me as 'slideyfoot' was pretty weird, but also cool. It's begun to happen more regularly as I've moved around clubs. However, I've always made a point of being as diplomatic as I possibly can, so (hopefully) I'm not in danger of upsetting anyone.

    Having said that, there was one time six years ago I managed to piss off a hapkido group, when they found this review I posted of their class. I didn't think it was particularly unfair of me, but I try to keep that reaction in mind when writing anything on the net, as I don't like to offend people if I can avoid it. :)