Monday, November 8, 2010

oh-oh omoplata

Last week we worked on omoplatas. Now there's a technique I'll not be owning for a while :-(

I just don't seem to get it. Firstly, my brain refuses to "chunk" stuff together, so I need to think and think about the setup every time. So I never get the feel right and I'm always starting from square 1. One day, I will "get it". But that day hasn't arrived yet. All the drilling last Wednesday didn't help. Ironically, I could assist the new white belt guy I worked with, but as far as getting it right myself? Fail.

Later on in the week, we did more, and though I was paired with a purple belt, I continued to feel and act like a klutz. We were looking at securing the omoplata, or what to do if they roll out of it, or try. So there was a sweep, or a forward roll to finish it off. For me: fail.

When safely out of the school, I vented my frustrations.  :-(

But I promise: I will own omoplatas some day. Not tomorrow, not the day after, maybe not this year. But I will!

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