Friday, January 8, 2010

things we do...

I've spent well over 20 years with long hair. It's a pain in the summer and it's a pain under a riding hat. Always kept it braided to keep it out of the road, but long hair it had to be ;-).

Then I started grappling. I braided it tighter, used more elastics, tried different braids. Same result, it's hot and it looks insanely horrible after a good wrestle and the earguards slip around on it. Worst of all, lots of it gets left on the mat.

Sometimes the braid gets stuck under my back, once I even had to tap out to a backward neck crank! But it's the hunks that get torn out which is the worst. I remember the horrified look of one of the guys at the end of a roll during a no-gi session one night, when he literally handed me a goodly hunk of my hair - "I think this is yours?!". All in all not optimal.

So today I did the deed. Off it came!

As it is a very hot day, I can feel the benefits already :-). But the true benefits will be apparent when I'll go have have my next BJJ class on Monday. But how good is that for true dedication to the sport ??? Eh? Eh? ;-) (And I shall ignore those in my wider family who quietly think I'm nuts.)

Yay! Three more days and we're back on the mat. Beauty!


  1. That is true devotion. I remember when my wife decided to go with a shorter style and cut her hair, one of her sisters cried. I guess I don't understand it being a guy. But I do get that it is important to a gal.

  2. Pictures! The people demand pictures! ;)

    I had to cut mine during Tae Kwon Do, actually, because I kept smacking myself in the eyes while doing spinning kicks.

  3. Haha, yeah, pictures will come.

    I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror. Far from being horrified, I have to say I still like it.

    It was a good move, although half way through the procedure it looked abysmal, and I nearly cried. Then I thought what the hell, if it looks crappy, I'll let it grow again. But naw, came out looking good. Me = happy as Larry :-)). Friend/family opinion = unimportant.

    I do envy you guys, you can have a no.2 or 5 or shave it or whatever, and it looks fine ;-).