Wednesday, March 17, 2010

last class before D-day

Sheesh, I still felt tired from Saturday!!

As several of us are going to the Vics, we just did rounds from standing, swapping partners every three minutes and getting right back into it.

Didn't go balls to the wall because I didn't want to get hurt (and sure enough, one of the guys bent his thumb back painfully, but he should be good to compete).

Had mixed success but feel quite postive about it all. One of the blue belts commented that I have improved a lot. Certainly none of the subs he tried (he loves armbars!) succeeded, and I didn't spend all of my time on the bottom. With another guy, I was within a whisker of making a D'Arce choke work, and I had much more top time with him than I usually do. Good rolls!

I decided to make that the last session before the comp on the weekend. I want to be well rested, sharp and eager :-))

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