Sunday, March 14, 2010

Melbourne - week 5

Last of the training sessions at DMMA in Melbourne.

Not quite so tough as the last few, even the fitness session was shorter (however, just because it was shorter, that didn't mean it was less work!). I felt the effects of Friday night's session, but it wasn't too bad. Knowing it was the last session, I think we all put in a pretty good effort.

It was a very similar session to prior weeks, so no point going through all the details again. I felt a bit disappointed in how I did against one of the bigger girls, but I was happy how I went against some of the others. As usual, my defence was top shelf, while the attacks and sweeps departments are still in need of much work. As an aside, I felt I had better balance and footing during the standup part. I experimented with trips and takedowns and while I didn't pull many off, it frustrated my opponents and they resorted to pulling guard. And some of my guard passing is getting much better.

The fitness session was short but intense. Four minute rounds consisting of alternating 30 second intervals (burpees / sprinting). That was tough. After every four minute round, we could wak or whatever for four minutes. We did three four minute rounds with breaks between them. I managed to get up to 9 burpees in, but mostly 8, sometimes only 7. I know that's not a lot for 30 seconds, but the sprints inbetween made it sort of hard :-)

I visited my brother and his family in Melbourne before heading home this time.

Well, next weekend we have the comp. The moment of truth!

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