Monday, March 1, 2010

Melbourne - week 4

The Saturday session at DMMA was very similar to the last one.

The big difference for me was that I wasn't completely exhausted by the time we started the rounds from stand up. That made a nice change :-)

Part of it was a lucky choice of partners in the first hour, I had a heavy-ish but but very inexperienced guy and then a lightweight young guy with limited experience at the beginning. So all the grip fighting, closed guard posture breaking rounds as well as the 'escape from' or 'hold onto' positional sparring was easier than usual. In the past I always seemed to end up with big and fairly experienced partners. (... like during the continuous guardpassing exercises a couple of weeks back, when I scored to competitive blue belts, and there was none of me left when that was over....) But I didn't just have light and easy partners. I was flattened every time by a 52 year old bluebelt. Good on him!! :-))

Anyway, but there is no question that the training is improving my fitness levels, and I guess that's the point of doing it. Well, aside from getting better at BJJ :-)

I didn't write down all the specific details of my rounds from standing. My overall feeling is that I'm starting to be more aggressive. And as my cardio and strength are picking up, I get out of bad spots better. Interestingly, it was during this session, that our instructor made the comment that at white belt level, the outcome of a fight is primarily determined by how aggressive and determined someone is, ie: the more aggressive fighter usually wins.

The fitness/strength session was tough but ok. Again, similar to last time. This time we did a sprints-starjumps rotatation with jogs for recovery. Then a pummeling-burpees rotation.

And after...? I felt pretty good, even after my two hour drive home. And no soreness the next day.

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