Sunday, February 28, 2010

in the pit

Friday evening.

While a couple of the no-stripe white belts practiced their drills for the Saturday grading, the rest of us played a new game.

We went no-gi. Basically, two uf us were "in the pit" and the rest took turns going in against them. We always started with the pits people having to pass guard, and the incoming fresh person on their backs trying to sweep. Once someone was passed or swept, a fresh person would come in. After so many minutes (more than 5, less than 10.. not sure), the pit people were relieved by a new pair.

It was a fun variation to the standard guard passing routine. And because the people in the pit couldn't rest on their back but had to pass, they were constantly working hard.

I liked it. I'm still one of the easiest persons on the planet to sweep, but I'm starting to pull off sweeps myself on people other than rank beginners :-)

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