Monday, February 1, 2010

gimme your back!

Saturday class. As usual, a small but intensive class. We worked on getting and retaining back control.

The crucial part is the seat belt grip, the hooks help. Sometimes we have to relinquish a hook so we can use a foot for pushing off to help our goal of keeping our chest glued to our opponent's back. Having a good grip is important, with correct hand placement. But the trick is to go with him to maintain the chest/back connection, rather than stiffly trying to use our grip to pin him to us.

With that in mind, we took turns one one another's back. Goal was for the partner in back control to escape and for the other one to keep it. I'm sure that was quite amusing to watch, particularly when my partner stood up at one stage, with his hands on the floor, trying to shake me off over his head. But we really did some pretty creative rolling.

The trick is to stay loose and maintain that chest/back connection with as little energy as possible. It was soon obvious that the person in back control trying to escape was expending a lot more energy than the one maintaining back control.

Then we worked on maintaining and regaining position if we have someone's back and he is on top of us. To escape, he would try to get his back to the floor. To keep him square on us or a bit off to the other side, we can take out a hook, put the foot on the floor and push off with it while scooting our hips back under him. That was very effective.

Finally, we worked on changing grips from seat belt to RNC.

And at the end, some free rolling. But this time, any sub was good, but first person to get an RNC was promised a Mars bar :-). I was partnered with someone my size, less experienced but faster and more flexible (who usually subs me). I don't know, but with a clear goal in his mind, I went him, got his back and had an arm around his throat. Mars bar in reach! And then... He defended by tucking his chin and I couldn't get under it. Waah! So close. Sensei said I should've had that three times over. I just couldn't think of a way to get him choked, even thought he couldn't get out of my back control. How stupid was that?? So Sensei showed me a couple of little tricks to make that neck more accessible, which I'm sure I won't forget |-).

Had another start. Wiser to my arm drag to neck snapdown attack, I couldn't get the back right away. But in some scramble, I got him in my guard and was busy breaking him down. I was actually making inroads into an armdrag to getting his back, when it was time out. So no Mars bar, but I was happy to find myself being aggressive, and being so close to my goal. I even rated a "well done" at the end. I went home a happy girl :-)


  1. Congrats on your "well done"! It is hard not to smile like a kid in a candy store when I get one of those. hehe

    I don't know what your sensei said, but as far as the RNC goes.. when someone tucks their chin, I try to swim with my other arm. It works for me sometimes... and I've been told that I should slide my other wrist up their face. Instinctively people will move their faces up with your arm. I don't like it when people have done that to me though, if feels kind of rude, so I don't do it to other people. ...Unless of course they did it first. =) Do unto other..., right? hehe

  2. Thanks, Stephanie :-)

    Well, I knew about the wrist up the face and "accidentally hook under nose", but I don't like doing that to my partners. I'd save that one for a competition, say if someone has been busy crossfacing me unmercifully or something... I think we think alike on that subject :-)

    One very simple thing I was shown: say I have my right arm around my partner's neck, and he turns his head to the left and tucks his chin. I make him turn his head to the left even more with that arm, and then use my left hand to push his head straight. That seems to "loosen his chin". I haven't had another chance to try that one yet, but I sure am looking forward to it! I hope it also works on the guys with no necks ;-)