Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday evening

We were shown a way to secure the near arm from short base side control by using our gi lapel. It's not that easy to describe and I'm a bit hazy on the details as I didn't pull my finger out and write it down straight away. But basically, we pull out our gi lapel on the side where his head is, pass it across and make him think we are threatening his neck or far arm. But then we pass it back to the same side hand and we've wrapped it over his arm near the elbow. As we push him up on his side facing away from us, we then hold that gi tight, and step over for the armbar

I can't even remember what the other two attacks were which we covered :-(. When I think of them, I'll edit this post...

Stayed behind for open mat which was short because everyone had to leave relatively early. My recollection is that I pretty much got trashed by everyone I rolled with. Did some good escapes, only to land "in the shit" again. Ah well.

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