Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wednesday grading

I did it :-) . Got my fourth stripe.

Did my technique demos. Had a bit of an issue with a rollover sweep which is part of a headlock escape sequence. But after initial failed attempts which made me want to hide in the cracks between the mats from sheer embarrassment, I succeeded. Not on someone my size, someone twice my size (though, admittedly without much resistance from him...).

Then wrestling, with four different partners. I cannot remember all the details! But I showed 20 different techniques. I suppose a lot of them were escapes |-). However, there was a triangle, there were chokes, there was an armbar. And I could always think of what to do at any given time. The two big fellows gave me a wee bit of space occasionally, so I could work for escapes and then try to do horrible things to them. It was all over in no time, it seemed. At the end of it, I dripped all over the mat though... :-)

Sensei said some nice things about how I did, he made me blush ;-). The guys who were there and helped me were great. As always, this grading was hard work but fun and I'm all fired up to go on and get better.

I had commitments at uni in the afternoon, as I'm starting studies next week, and I went and signed up for unisports membership (gym and pool access!!!). Between one thing and another, and knowing I had to feed horses after coming home, I piked out on the evening BJJ class. I was tired and keyed up all at the same time, and a bit stuffy, as though there may be a cold in the offing. A cold wouldn't be good, least of all now. But we'll see how we go.

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