Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Monday and slowly recovering

As an after-effect of Saturday's training, I had sore calves and forearms starting Sunday evening and all Monday. Funny how different muscle groups take different times to go through the delayed soreness stages. Wasn't really bad, but I was glad that I did a thorough stretching session on Sunday. Shoulders and right arm are still not happy, but since after the Monday night class, they are improving.

Aside from still feeling a bit tight and stiff, it was pretty hot yesterday. For some reason my appetite hadn't been good all day so I had not eaten much, either. A little inner voice whined "... you can just stay home". But having spent all day in front of the computer, I figured the exercise would do me good, so I packed my bag and went.

But I was very happy we had a quiet sort of a class :-). We basically went through syllabus stuff, getting in reps and ensuring that we're technically correct come grading time at the end of the month. And of course I was glad that I went!

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