Monday, February 22, 2010

Melbourne - week 3

This session was very similar to the one a couple of weeks ago.

Firstly, two hours of BJJ training. Rather than a warmup, we did joint mobility exercises. Then, one minute rounds of either holding a dominant position or getting out of it, two minute rounds of guard passing. Then 5 or so minute rounds (depending on ranking) from standing, competition intensity.

Again, I hit a really flat spot after the first hour, just before we started the proper rounds from standing. Promptly, I slipped into my DEFEND mindset. My first opponent was a woman, considerably younger and bigger than myself. I was reefed down as she pulled guard and while I was thinking of how hard guard passing is, she choked me. Duh. Embarrassing. Stupid! Went again, this time I shot. But I was too half arsed so she sprawled in time and I was flattened out, and the rest of the time she fought for as sub and I fought to get out, variously from back control, side control, mount, turtle. She wasn't just heavy, she used her weight wisely. The bad news is all I managed to work was my defence. The good news is that it worked well :-)

I went pretty similar when I rolled with the blue belt lady. Although I find that if I roll with people more my weight, I do a lot better with my escapes. Anyway, from memory another less than stellar attempt at a double, but this time didn't quite get flattened. But as usual, I did end up on the bottom and from then on it was a repeat of the last round. Good defence, but nothing that would score points, let alone win a fight.

I had another round with a young guy and must admit to my shame that I can remember nearly nothing. I think we reset after he subbed me (how??), but the rest is gone from my brain. All I recall is that he thanked me and said good work. I think I actually pulled guard on him once, and I know I'm fairly successful at breaking people's postures. Only I wish I were better at translating that into submissions... I guess one problem is that the second I open my closed guard, I usually get passed. Presumably because I'm too slow and/or too telegraphing in setting up a sub. Anyway, I didn't come away feeling too much of a moron from that round...

Afterwards, we had a couple of minute long rounds of grip fighting, where one person was squatting, and one with hooks in.

Finally, the fitness session. Same as last time, it was 5 x 3 minute intervals, the first, third and last of which were fast stuff, the other two jogging. This time, our fast intervals consisted of alternating 15 seconds of burpees (he asked for 7, but this person managed 5) and 15 seconds of slow and technical pummelling. A very short break after that. Then another set of 5 x 3 minute intervals, this time the fast sessions being shuttle runs (15 seconds sprints, 15 seconds jogging on the spot). As is was pretty hot, that's all we did.

But that was enough... :-) I survived. Again. And unlike after the first session, no sore legs during the days after. Only my lower back was stiff - oh how I HATE burpees!

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