Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday - sweeps and side contol

We went over a couple of the open guard sweeps from Wednesday night. I helped the guy I was paired with as he hadn't been here that night. For me, it was good to get some more reps in, especially that reverse hooking sweep.

We were shown a hold down from side control, which is a very safe position where you can hang out and recover while the bottom guy expends energy getting out. Then, when the moment is right, a couple of grip changes lead right to a tight collar choke.

It goes like this: I'm in side control on my partner's right side. My left elbow blocks the left side of his head, my right hand by his right hip. I lift his head a bit with my elbow and rotate my forearm backwards toward me, under his head. I push my right hand up behind his back until I can clasp hands behind his back/shoulders. I'm sprawled out in long base. This way, his head is pushed to his right. My head his flat on his chest so he can't attack it. His right arm position doesn't matter so much, but best if I managed to catch it sticking up. When the moment is right, I work my right hand into the back of his collar. This stops him from turning. Then I bring my left hand around the front of his face, grab the left lapel as deep as I can and bring my elbow to the ground on the right side of his neck.

Free wrestling, no gi: not much good to report, got someone's back but couldn't secure the position. Then it was all downhill from there, ending in an armbar which tweaked my right rotator cuff. Not really bad, more that it probably irritated an old injury. A couple more rolls which were a bit lacklustre, but at least I managed good positions a few times. Didn't hang around for open mat as I didn't want to aggrevate the shoulder and being mindful of tomorrow's plans...

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