Thursday, June 17, 2010

armbars - I shall own you!!

No class on Monday because of the Queen's Birthday holiday.

Wednesday, I went to the lunchtime class only, as I decided to stay home in the evening and study for my Thursday exam.

So, Wednesday...  We had a small class with only three there, including a "slightly damaged" blue belt. For me: more armbar practice. I'm still making adjustments to tighten things up, and the small classes gives me plenty of one on one time to really get this right.

The third guy there is very new and is busy learning the basic drills. However, it seems he's been doing a bunch of wrestling with his friends, so far from being a puppy on the mat, he can move. I know this first hand, as I was given him for a free wrestle for a bit. I wasn't sure whether the idea was to throw me to the sharks or him ;-)

He fast. He strong. But he leave lotsa gaps :-) . First roll, I snapped him down and got a collar choke from the top. Second roll. Not so lucky. As usual, cannot remember the details. I did have in my guard at some point, but when I opened for an attack, he was through. I easily got out of his side control, and he couldn't keep mount, and all his attacks didn't succeed. But like all the young guys, he's so damn fast! Anyway were called to stop. But it had been fun and I really enjoyed it.

Then we both did an armbar from mount drill on our obliging blue belt. And to my surprise, my spinning armbars, the bane of my life on previous occasions, didn't feel too bad. I might just be able to do this thing now. I might even be tempted into trying it on the mat some day. Worst case, I fail and end up on the bottom.

So that was a good class for me and I'm back to thinking that one day, I might be better than useless on the mat :-)

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