Thursday, June 24, 2010

played with rubber guard

Monday night, we played around a bit with rubber guard stuff. I was partnered with one of the tall white belt guys who actually uses mission control a lot during wrestling.

It's been a little while since we did go over RG moves and it was pretty much a refresher on the whole progression of moves from mission control via zombie to new york. I always forget all the other crazy names, but the next step is to feed the foot under his neck and go to jiu claw and omoplata.

It's funny how two people remember different bits when they see a demonstration. I remembered some details which my partner had forgotten, and he helped me with bit I didn't recall. Between us, we did pretty well :-). In the end, we did the sequence against a little bit of resistance and just got some reps in.

We did a little bit of rolling at the end. Without remembering many details, I know I certainly didn't set the world on fire.

I didn't get to the Wednesday classes because I was away for two days, looking at horses. I also had an exam for uni first thing on Thursday morning, so while I could have maybe made it to the Wednesday evening class, I chose to stay home and brush on on the subject.

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