Sunday, June 13, 2010

room for improvement

The Wednesday night class was mostly free guard passing and then rolling. Same as during open mat Thursday night, there wasn't anything special. I felt a bit ordinary and consequently, my wrestling was sub par. Got stuck under some of the bigger guys, and even if not stuck, didn't seem to be able to move my hips. But even from better spots, I was just being muscled around.

I did surprise myself by sinking a few collar chokes, both from back control and turtle top. The ridiculous thing was that I wanted to work on armbars and sweeps. Sadly, there weren't too many opportunities, and I missed the few I had. But the chokes just appeared and I too them. So I guess that was something good, even if that wasn't the goal I'd set myself.

The Saturday class consisted of myself, a two striper and two really new guys. Basically, we worked on basic drills with the new guys. I had a chance to work on my armbars from guard for a bit and I've figured what was giving me so much trouble before. I wasn't pushing off his hip with my foot enough. With that in mind, further drilling showed a bit more promise.

At the end of class, had a short wrestle with the two striper. I distinguished myself by losing my right hand inside my sleeve when he pulled on it while I was in his guard, and not being able to get it back. Having totally diasabled my right arm, he wrapped the sleeve around my neck. No, I didn't get choked, but damn, I could not get out of his guard. It was sooo embarrassing, because it was time just as I was making some progress. I felt such a dork.

So the whole latter half of the week seemed a bit of a blur with an overwhelming feeling at the end that I need to improve. A lot.

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