Tuesday, June 29, 2010

back control techniques and other stuff

The Monday night class started with the pre grading speech. There will be a grading on Saturday, and there are half a dozen white belt guys going for their first stripe, and a couple for their second and third. And one of the blue belts is to be put through his paces with a view to purple. That should be fun to watch and participate in :-). It will be the first grading for me where I don't have to perform, I'm nowhere near a coloured belt yet, and already have four stripes, so I'm not up for testing and I can just enjoy. I can help put the rest of them through their paces!

So there was much going over basic drills for the four white belt guys, and the rest of us did the same, but mixed it up with a bit of rolling, starting at the drop of a hat from whatever position we happened to be in. That's always good fun.

For a change, there was another woman in class. She's a karate black belt and has four stripes on her white belt in BJJ, but hasn't trained for about a year or so. We were partnered up. I helped her chips some of the rust off, and we had a good time. I shamelessly worked my top game, too :-)

At some stage we did a few reps of armbar from mount. Then we spend some time on back control. What makes a good seat belt grip, and why correct hand positioning is so crucial for getting chokes. We were shown several ways of changing grips when the opponent tries to peel your hand off. Finally, we did a drill on maintaining back control. If my partner rolls to one side to get his back to the floor or to roll over away from me, generally I lose my bottom hook. Instead of fighting for it and risk losing my chest attachment to his back, I push off that bottom leg, to drive the top knee forward. Then I use the back of the knee like a hook to pull him back on top of me wich allows me to get the second hook in. It looked complicated, but feels good. As I have always had a lot of problems maintaining back control, I think this may help a lot.

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