Thursday, August 30, 2012

that time of the year..

  • When winter is nearly over and spring is in the air
  • When my horses and other furry critters start losing their winter coats
  • When the pace quickens and the workload adds up at uni
  • When a bunch of family birthdays are coming up 
  • When BJJ comps are calling

Yeah, I have two comps coming up.

This Saturday, we'll have the inaugural Australian Girls in Gi Comp. Both gi and no-gi round robins. After that, I'll be visiting my sister (it's her birthday).

The following Saturday, we'll have the annual Gathering (Will-Machado Nationals), followed by a Rigan Machado seminar on Sunday.

I've been having good, bad and average training sessions. Some days I don't feel like a grappler's armpit, but other days I think there is hope that one day, when the stars align, and I have put in a LOT more work, I might actually get better. Lately, I seem to forget more stuff than I'm learning. I know that's partially due to the fact that I have so much on my plate at uni (final year, doing a project, blah blah). But meh, I feel that my BJJ is pretty mediocre just now. In addition, my cardio is pretty shameful.

What marvellous prep for the comp, and what awesome mindset. Haha.. To be honest, if I hadn't gone and entered one and promised to be there for the other comp, I'd gladly not go. But then I know myself, which is why weeks ago, I ensured I couldn't pull out. I outsmarted my own cowardly self.

Chances are that when I get there, I'll get my arse kicked. But I know I'll enjoy myself and I'll learn from it. If I can get off my lazy ass and kick into a more aggressive mindset, I may well do better.

Anyway, never mind. I ramble. I always have this mental fight before comps. I'll now STFU and go and compete :-)

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