Thursday, July 1, 2010

attacking the turtle

I went to both the lunchtime and the evening class today. We went over the same things:

double underpass to side control
double underpass and flip over to turtle
attack turtle with rolling lapel half nelson choke
attack turtle with clock choke
attack turtle by rolling to crucifix

I'm having a bit of trouble getting the roll to crucifix right. We looked at two methods, and I think the only one I "get" is where I walk my legs close with his trapped arm, and roll forward over my shoulder, bracing off the arm nearer his head. But that certainly needs more work.

The chokes I liked, and I consistently hit the right grips. The rolling lapel half nelson choke really appeals to me. Once I had the knack of sticking my head in under my partner far enough and swinging my legs, it really flowed. I often had him tap before I finished rolling and certainly before I brought my leg up behind my hand.

It was great repeating the same thing in the evening. Different partner, same stuff, more reps.

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