Wednesday, July 28, 2010

just chokes

Small class Monday night. Was paired with one of the newer guys, who is the only one lighter than I am. Not that it mattered.

We did cross lapel chokes from mount. And as you are likely to get bridged and rolled, we went over that also. The main things that came out of it: if you are the choker, make sure there is a knee is on a shoulder, and that the opposite arm is well posted once the first hand is in the collar. And when committing the second hand, it has to be done quickly. The danger time is between removing the post and getting the grip on the opposite collar. Once the grip is in, it doesn't matter if we get rolled, as we can finish the choke from guard.

The important thing for the person on the bottom is to bridge up straight. What we want is to stretch them out above us as far as possible. And we don't want the hand that posts across our centre line. The more I bridge up, the less chance of that happening. This way, his support is an uneven sided triangle, with the longest side being between the posted arm and the opposite leg. That will give him least stability when I roll that way after the bridge. In the past I'd been under the impression that we should bridge and roll over our shoulder on the side where he doesn't have the post. But bridging up straight really does make his position more unstable for the roll.

Then we drilled cross lapel choke from guard and half lapel nelson choke from side mount.

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