Friday, July 30, 2010

figure fours and rolling

The Wednesday lunchtime class was small again. We worked on figure four armlocks (kimuras) from different positions, mainly mount and guard. Got lots of reps in :-) Also had a play with doing a figure four from guard and how to transition that to omoplata.

We tried out and drilled a figure four from a different setup. From mount, say I have pushed his left arm to the floor, got  my left elbow against his head and I've started a figure four. He defends by straightening his arm. My right forearm is already under his arm. I scoop his upper arm up and hug it to me as I sit up to bring my right heel againt his belly and my left knee against his upper back. I need to also post my left hand on the floor next to his head. If I sort of slide my elbow up and across his neck, maintaining the pressure, it works best. Pushing on his neck and lifting his left arm turns him on right side. As I bring his arm up, I maintain the pressure above his elbow. His forearm will be resting against my neck. So this is pretty much a cutting armbar. If he doesn't tap to that, I can reach up over my head with my left hand, take his wrist and turn it so that his forearm points to his head. As I pull his arm over my head, I lock my hands in a figure four. My right knee is also against his shoulder, pushing against it, which puts even more pressure on the elbow joint.

I was a bit late for the evening session because of lectures, so I missed the warmup. But since I'd sprinted across the uni carpark to get back to my car, I figured I was ok :-).  Also, we did some pummeling, first slow then going hard for double underhooks. So I was well warm by the time we started with round from standing. Ah yes, we also drilled some double leg entries for a bit.

For the first time for a long time, I had to tap to someone on top of me in side control :-( . Not that I was panicking, he flattened me out and I though it was ok, but then I decided that it wasn't worth the trouble, as breathing really was a chore. It was a biggish new fellow who thinks it's useful to drape himself over smaller folks like a big heavy blanket. It all started because I couldn't take him down so I pulled guard. Using weight and force, he pushed my ankle across and passed my guard, dropping his full weight on me. Ok, my fault for letting him pass I guess. But what pissed me off what that he was obviously pleased he tapped me with his weight. OK. Whatever makes him happy. If a scoring taps is more important than learning technique, then he's on the right track. We went again, and again I couldn't take him down and he kept ripping my grips off, and backing off. I finally got near enough and pulled guard again, but this time I managed half guard as we came crashing down and was looking to giving him some grief when it was time out. I'm really not fond of pulling guard, but big white belt guys who have little control make me fear for my bones, so pulling guard seems the least hazardous.

I had another guy for the next round, he does not come to classes often, but I like rolling with him. He's about my size and has control. First roll I pulled guard because I know he has takedowns :-) Mucked something up, for which my memory fails me and ended tapping somehow. Started again. He got grips and started some fancy throw which I partially evaded, but it resulted in both of us momentarily standing on my right foot and going forward. Only problem is it's designed to lift the heel as it rolls over the front. With all that weight, heel stayed down.... As I was going 'oh-oh!', I managed to twist it a bit, but still I tweaked it as we went down. I said something under my breath. He asked if I was ok, I wriggled the foot/toes and said yes. This time, I managed to get closed guard on him, after passing his guard at one point with a nifty maneuvre involving pinning down his hand, just to be reversed... Anyway, I'm happy with closed guard :-) I went for a cross lapel choke, but as he defended, there was an armbar looking at me, and I landed it. I was somewhat happy, as I'm really working on armbars at present.

I decided against further rounds from standing, as the foot was hurting a bit. I scored a blue belt who has stitches in the top of his head, so we went to one side and I started in his closed guard. I was painfully reminded that I still have little defense against the hip bump sweep.  He also pointed out a small detail about breaking people down in guard once they have good grips and nearly straight arms.

My foot hurt the next day, I think I sprained/strained stuff on the bottom between the heel and the toes, but the ankle is also a little swollen. Ice. And some of my trusty minty-smelling horse liniment :-)

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