Sunday, July 25, 2010

when things go click!

Saturday lunchtime class only saw three of us turn up. The other two are fairly new. And so keen :-))

I took the warm up again and served as the grappling dummy. We started off with a bit of light rolling. The two guys are my size and smaller. One of them I can actually muscle around. Wow. Not that I want to!!

The only time before where I was going easy and steady was when we had the odd girl or lady turn up for training. Or with a brand spanking new guy. All the guys, after a few classes, tend to go hard and fast (sigh), so I really don't see a point in going easy on them. Coming back to the two guys on Saturday... For the first time ever, despite the fact that they both tried really hard, I didn't have the urge to either just protect myself, or go hard for a sub. I had a bit of a play with my guard attacks, but then eased back to allow them to work stuff. That in itself was a revelation. I really felt like I was in a position to be generous. I don't mean that to sound condescending at all. I know that when I started, the senior guys did it for me all the time. And now the time has come that I can return the favour. Click!

We then did a drill working on using hooks to sweep our partner from side to side. The boys went off to practice, and I practiced on our instructor. That one on one time is gold. I've neve had much luck with hooks for sweeping. Hooks, yes. Using them for sweeping, no. But now I know where I've been going wrong. I wasn't using the hook at the end of the lever in all cases AND I was pushing back instead of pulling forward with them. What a difference that made!! Click!

Then we had a roll. I was all gung ho and went straight for an arm drag and on his back. Got one hook in, a cross collar grip and managed to grab the other collar low down. Posted my head on the floor and went for the choke. Nada. Then thought maybe I better get the other hook in. In case he starts rolling over. Nope. But then he wanted to know what I was trying to do. Hmm. I explained and we deconstructed the situation. Turned out that all I needed to do was put weight on his other shoulder and/or roll over. I tried the roll over. Choke!! Click!

Then we called the boys over and we drilled the hooking sweep if the person posts a leg to pass guard. I realise that one reason I'd made hard work of this sweep in the past is incorrect technique. I made the same mistake the boys made. When I open my legs, and rest my thigh on his posted leg, I do not want to hip escape towards that side. Instead I want to move up in relation to him. So it's a shuffle up which works because my weigh is supported by his posted leg and by me pulling on his collar. Then I'm lined up well for getting the hook in, pull him down and flip him over. I knew exactly what we were talking about, but I could see the boys had trouble seeing the difference. Well, they, too, will figure it out when they are ready. There is only so much the brain can absorb, and stuff escapes me all the time. When we revisit a technique later, I then have the Eureka! moment. I jokingly asked when we finish learning something new about a "basic" technique. Click!

The boys went to practice that some more and I had more rolls with the instructor. Most of them involved me being on the bottom. Needless to say, the armdrag setup didn't work a second time... I absolutely refused to ball up and turtle, and paid for it dearly in side control and knee ride. So heavy. But I got out several times. Once I actually rolled out and disengaged completely. What a change from the usual systematic squashings. And the subs I was caught in weren't his standard fare. He said after that I gave him nothing, he had to deviate from his usual game to find things, and he had to really work for it. And that my escapes are very good, too.

Then, when we lined up after class, he complimented the guys on being "squirrely". To me he said I'm wrestling at blue belt level. And that it is time to tee up an assessment with John Will, either at the comp in September or another time, with a view to going for my blue belt. Shock! But.... whoohee!!



  1. WOOHOOO!!!! Congratulations on having such an awesome class!! It is so funny to read your blog because it feels like I'm reading mine. I STILL have the same classes where we are learning a "basic" technique and I notice a whole bunch of things I completely missed before. I think it is because, as you grow and learn, you move differently. And because your mind is open to new ways to move, you notice different things in techniques. Or it could be that we're just slow. lol :) Congrats again!

  2. Haha, I read your blog thinking the same :-))

    We learn and change and we add details over time which we couldn't absorb in the beginning. My instructor's comment was that he and everyone he knows say the same, it's a lifelong process of learning and getting ever better. So I don't think we're being slow :-)

    Yes, it was an awesome class. You should have seen me smile from one ear to the other all the way home....

    Now I'll concentrate on the comp in September and then I get get my head around the rest. Ha, maybe I'll use the opportunity to get in a few classes at John Will's place in Geelong ;-).