Sunday, July 11, 2010

shut up and train

Those are words of wisdom. More of that can be found in a post titled "This is fun?" at .

Yes, I did print that post out, and I've read it several times since then. But I think I need to read it DAILY!!

I had another one of those evenings at training on Friday. I drove home after class, questioning anything and everything I did. I was yet again on the bottom for most of the duration of a long roll with a white belt. Then I had an ordinary roll with a blue belt (my fault, not his!!) and a reasonable one with a purple belt. Well, that's how I felt, anyway.

The truth of the matter is that I'm still keeping on comparing, and having some expectations of how I should be going, rather than just .... shut up and train.

After some thinking about it, really, I didn't do that bad. I was pissed because I made a couple of stupid mistakes, but at least I'm aware of where I went wrong. In fact, the last roll with the purple belt guy was great. I actually shut down his current favourite pass, a low, hugging, tight sort of a pass which I previously couldn't prevent. During the whole roll I seemed to have time to think, time for small adjustments, time to threaten his arms or attempt a choke. Sure, he didn't go full on, but he doesn't give me much, either. He caught me in a combination he taught us a couple of weeks back (cutting armbar from guard to armbar on other arm), so we laughed about that.  He's about my size, and very technical, so I love rolling with him. I always learn so much.

Aside from rolling, we drilled the armbar to omoplata to triangle transitions. I like those types of drills because the hammer into my brain and muscle memory the need to string stuff together and move.

So why on earth would I be disappointed coming out of class? Ok, by the time I'd fuelled up the car on the way home, I had come to decide it had been a good class. But really, I need to stop being so negative. And the only way that'll happen is if I stop trying to measure, compare and be upset about a perceived lack of performance.

I need to .... shut up and train :-)

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  1. I can completely relate to everything you said in this post. I also have a problem comparing myself and judging how I'm doing based on rolls. The truth of the matter is, a white belt male who is bigger and strong than me can muscle and smash past my guard and out of my submission attempts. He can grab and lock me up, keeping me from moving.

    But that doesn't mean he has technique.

    Your instructors see that. Just surviving a roll with a guy like that shows your technique. And, if you can control him positionally and go for submissions, even better. In time, we will be able to grapple those bigger, stronger white belt guys and be able to control the grapple. But for now--since its going to be a long time before that happens--I like what you said: Shut up and train.

    Now all I need to do is read my own comment and convince my brain of that when I'm on the mat next time. :)